Back to School Wreath Project

The seasonal front door wreath was a staple in the Brown household when I was growing up. My mom made sure that the tone of the month was set with each grouping of live flowers, plants and festive flourishes. To her, a new wreath added a little spark to everyday life.

I’m not quite as on the ball as my mom when it comes to changing the wreath for each and every occasion, but I’m inspired to spice up my late August-early September door. Before the days of pumpkins and pine cones roll in, I’m determined to hang a back-to-school wreath. Here’s my inspiration…

Do you keep your wreaths fresh and seasonal? What does yours look like for this time of year? Tell me all about it here!

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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I don’t mean to be a kill joy here but why do you constantly use copyrighted photos that don’t belong to you without giving proper credit to the image and where you found them!?
    It’s completely unprofessional and I won’t be supporting your blog anymore due to your lack of blog etiquette. Unsubscribing immediately.

    • KBW
      KBW says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you for writing your comment on the Katie Brown Blog. Your complaint
      is being taken to heart. We link every photo to the original source and try
      to make it clear in the writing that the photos are the inspiration for the
      topic about which we are talking. However, you have inspired our team to
      learn more about crediting and to more fully and clearly credit the photos
      we use in our posts.

      Check back in with the blog when you can to see how we will be improving and making progress in this arena…

      All the Best,
      Katie Brown Workshop

  2. Judie
    Judie says:

    Hi, Elizabeth and KBW!
    I never really thought about the use of non-copyrighted photos in blogs. It just never crossed my mind. I appreciate your pointing this mistake out. In my opinion, it is akin to downloading free music on one’s iPod, which is unethical and immoral.
    Katie Brown Workshop, three cheers and a rah rah to you!! I appreciate your answer!! I have always told my kids that it’s not important that we make a mistake because we all unintentionally do things wrong. It is all about what we do to correct our situation. That is what makes us good people.
    I will absolutely keep following you, KBW, because you are promptly correcting your error. You are to be commended.
    Elizabeth, please give them another chance!!


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