Lunch Box Treats Recipes

When you were in school, did you pack or buy your lunch? Besides Pizza Fridays, my girls actually prefer to have a bagged lunch from  home. I try to keep things healthy with low-sugar drinks, a protein-filled sandwich and a fruit or veggie (or their favorite, applesauce!), but I can’t resist including a special treat.

Back in the day, the sought-after lunch box treats were usually packaged desserts with tons of preservatives and sugar. Now I’m not saying these 5 treats below don’t pack the sweet punch, but you’ll at least know what goes in them when you make them yourself!

“Hostess” Cupcakes

Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats

Fruit Leather Recipe

Homemade Oreos Recipe

An apple a day…Apple Cinnamon Cream Cupcakes Recipe

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