Simple Boutonnieres

The hype, the drama, the magic: three words to describe the pinnacle of high school life…prom! The big night is coming up for many high school juniors and seniors. Although a girl’s dress will always be the main event, let the flowers steal a little of the spotlight. If you’re lucky enough to have a wonderful teenager who has eyes set on prom, try out a DIY boutonniere this year.

Take some inspiration from the photos below and click on the picture to see how to make them. A few snips with clippers, a twist of floral tape and a straight pin is all you need to make an affordable, creative and simple prom boutonniere.

Choose unusual flowers and succulents to make it unique.

Bundled herbs make a beautiful and fragrant boutonierre.

A single poppy can really…pop!

Hints to keep it fresh:
-When you’re cutting flowers to use in a bouquet or a boutonierre, make sure you follow these flower tips to get the most out of your stems.
-After you’ve finished making a boutonierre, place it in a resealable plastic bag (blow some air into it before you seal it) with a spray of water to keep it looking perky.

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