Christmas Lights

Colored? White? Big bulbs? Small bulbs? Subtle? Over the top? All questions that need to be answered year after year when the decorations begin to be placed. I am of the belief that you should use small colored lights on your Christmas Tree while small white lights should  be used EVERYWHERE else. Thoughts? Take a look see at some white lights that I think are divine. Please note that most have no instructions as i think the photo explains it all, but some that are more in depth click on the photo for the how-to. ENJOY

Placed in a planter with twigs


Hanging organic shapes


Wrapped around a star

 Click photo for instructions


 Click photo for instructions


  Click photo for instructions

Rope lights


Linning a driveway


Big lights and small lights


In a bucket with wood and pine


Zig zagged on a wall

  Click photo for instructions

Yarn trees

  Click photo for instructions

Heart strings


Three lovely ladies


Doctor Suess?


Tree house


Right ice




Christmas baskets