Score Points with Super Bowl Desserts

Sunday, February 5th, will be all about the football experience, but c’mon the super bowl is also about the food experience. Oh yes, the commercials too.

The superbowl can be enjoyable for people who love the sport, who love to socialize, and who just love to eat! We all know how good grub is important for game day and we don’t want to forget about the delicious desserts that will have fans from both teams all cheering together. Here at the workshop, we are all for a good crowd pleaser.

You have 4 quarters to show your guests what you’ve got. Here you go!

First:  a sweet twist to regular nachos, just like the savory kind make a big plate and everyone can dig in. You won’t be able to just have one.

A Sweet Twist to Nachos. photo by: @Sing4YourSupper

Second: a quick bite dessert option. These cute football pops will definitely be passed back and forth.

Football Pops, photo by: Jaime

Third: football whoopie pies. There can never be too many delicious, football desserts. They are almost too cute to eat.

Football Whoopie Pies, photo by: Make Merry

Fourth: the quick, classic puppy chow, but we say add a splash of team spirit with those chocolate candies we all love. It’s great for snacking all through the game.

Puppy Chow + M & M’s, recipe by: @bigflavorsblog

No matter if you’re friends are rooting for the Giants or the Patriots, they’ll all be rooting for your desserts to return next season.

Happy Almost-Game-Day!

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