Super Bowl Party Centerpiece and Favors

Super Bowl parties deserve some team spirit, but it doesn’t have to be over the top. In fact, you can make a centerpiece that will work for game day and can stay right there on your table…you just have to pluck out a few plastic football players!

Turn a tray of fast-growing wheatgrass into a football field of dreams by setting up a scrimmage with football figurine toys. You could also use miniature footballs or stick a few of your team’s pennants into the grass. Wheatgrass will grow an inch in about a week, but you can also ask your local florist for a flat of already-grown wheatgrass.

Football Party Centerpiece: Miniature footballs via Oriental Trading Co. and galvanized tray via Pottery Barn

You could also make fun football party favors by planting wheatgrass in small terra cotta pots, sticking in a few football toys, and tying it up with ribbon in your team’s color. Cluster the pots on your table first, then give one away to each guest at the end of the game.

Football Party Favors: Pencil Pendants via Oriental Trading Co.

When the snacks have been eaten, the Gatorade has been dumped, and the trophy has been awarded, your football centerpiece or terra cotta pot can sit on a sunny window ledge, coffee table or kitchen table. Snip off bits of wheatgrass to add to healthy smoothies– it’s got more protein than spinach or broccoli!

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