Let the leaves Fall

The leaves are dazzaling …..and yes they are to be enjoyed in their natural habitat of the GREAT outdoors ……but there are so many ways to play, save ,honor and highlight  them inside and out. Have a look.

 On the Front Door

Spotted on Tiney Tiara Parties

 On a Tablescape

Spotted on Censational Girl

 In a Vase

Spotted on Rustic Chic

 As a Tradition

Spotted on Pintrest

 As a Landscape

Spotted on Media Cache

 As a Print

Spotted on Bloom Bake Create

As a Creature

Spotted on Media Cache

 As a Cut-Out

Spotted on Saifou

 As a Canvus

Spotted on Kick Can and Conkers

 As a Bird on a Wire

Found on pintrest


Art work by Lorennzo Duran

 As a Kite

Spotted on Media Cache

 As a Butterfly

Spotted on Etsy

On a Pumpkin

Spotted on Media Cache

 In a Bucketful

Spotted on Pintrest

 And the man who always plays BEST with nature the guru Andy.

Artist Andy Goldsworthy