Renovate: Kitchen Cabinets

It seems as though ever since I started my career, over fifteen years ago, I have found myself renovating more and more whether it be a new set for my show or homes. Although, my family and I seem to move in and out of our homes quicker than we can unpack as we try to establish our roots in a place that makes sense for my husband’s work, my work, and our kid’s education. And, as fate would have it this process has given me a self-styled education in the world of DIY remodeling. So, this is the first in what I hope will be a number of helpful lessons learned that I can pass along!

I will begin in a place that I think almost everyone would agree is the heart of the home…the kitchen. I have never been a great lover in a kitchen chuck full of cabinets.
useful… I know
great for resale…I know
practical…I know
But when you need to add some character, some point of interest, and some charm to an otherwise boring set of four walls attaching repetitive cabinets is not the answer.

Instead, I like to be on the look out for a collection of large furniture pieces that could not only be useful and practical, but also stylish centrepieces that can add an instant hit of depth and interest to a kitchen.

In the following pictures you will see our kitchen which was in need of many updates. However, for today take a look and see how I replaced the wall-o-cabinets with two large Drexel Heritage glass front cabinets. They not only hold all things culinary, but they also add a touch of lovely to an otherwise boring wall.

Kitchen Cabinets Before

Kitchen Cabinets After

After viewing I hope you will all agree when I say be on the look out when you are redoing your oh-so-important kitchen for some big, beautiful pieces of furniture that can be useful and interesting…and who knows you might even save some of those valuable renovation dollars along the way.

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  1. denise
    denise says:

    I love the idea of freestanding pieces in the kitchen. I have an Ikea cabinet that I use as an extra piece in my kitchen and it makes everything work better. I used to have a baker’s rack, it was pretty, but not as nice as the cabinet nor as funcitonal.

  2. Interior Painting Ideas
    Interior Painting Ideas says:

    Great idea! I’ve been looking for a hutch of some sort for my dining room. Never thought of using old cabinets, a little molding and painting them an accent color to match the rest of the decor. Would cost a considerable amount less than a large hutch I’m sure.
    Love your paint color on the brick!


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