Just a little something!

Often, when I am throwing a dinner party, I focus on the main meal. Rarely, do I spend time on the pre-dinner food. The cocktail hour if you will. Perhaps this is because I grew up in a small town with a large extended family and it felt like we always had everyone and I mean everyone over . The entire family and the a whole lot of  towns people came calling. My mom would always complain that those small bites were just too much work. I believe she is right, but sometimes it is those bites that I remember most when I am dinning in other peoples homes. So I have made it my bussiness to find quick and easy ways to throw together small bites that leave me enough time to really spend most of my time on the main  meal. My first creation ……


Pepper and Goat Cheese Bites


From Katie Brown’s Kitchen

From Katie Brown’s Kitchen




1 crusty bagette

1/2 cup of olive oil

1 red pepper roughly chopped

1 yellow pepper roughly chopped

2 tablespoons of medium size capers

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1/2 cup of fresh chopped basil

1 cup of goat cheese

salt and pepper to taste


Get Cooking:

1. Slice your bread at an angle into mid size slices and place on a cookie sheet and brush with olive oil then plave in the oven at 350 till slightly brown.

2. Line the bottom of your sauce pan with olive oil on medium heat and throw in your red and yellow chopped peppers.

3. As they begin to soften throw in your capers and lemon juice.

4. When they become shinny and soft throw in the chopped basil and toss over the heat for a few minutes.

5. Smear each slice of bread with goat cheese and heap a spoonful of your pepper mixture on top, season with salt and pepper.