Simple Chutney Recipes

For impromptu flair and flavor, I like to keep a jar of great chutney in my fridge. It’s a versatile spread that can go on anything from a sliced baguette to a simply roasted pork tenderloin. While you can pick up a variety of different chutneys at most grocery stores these days, you can also make if yourself easily and quickly.

Chutney boils down (literally) to vinegar, sugar and your choice of fruit of vegetable. Throw in a few spices and you can adjust the flavor to be hot and spicy, like the traditional chutneys of South Asia, or sweet like the Western versions. Bottle it in a mason jar, store it in your fridge, or give it to the hostess of your next dinner party for a unique homemade gift.

See what I mean about chutney’s versatility? Savory to sweet to spicy…the choice is yours. Click on the photos to view each chutney recipe.

Mango Chutney with Spicy Red Chilis

Tomato Chutney

Mint Chutney

Strawberry Chutney

Spiced Pineapple Chutney

Have you made chutney before? Fill me in on any great tips here!

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