Simple Thoughtfulness Project

Thoughtfulness is key when celebrating Mother’s Day. The special meaning of a note or drawing from my child is the ultimate present. I jumped for joy at the site of this fun wall idea- I’m calling it the “Wall of Thoughtfulness” (via oh happy day). With a little planning and coordination, this idea is a creative and inexpensive way to celebrate a special someone in your life.

What you’ll need…

12 envelopes in various colors (A6 size used here)
White number stickers
Double-sided tape or Sticky Tac
Emails from loved ones, personal love notes, gift certificates, small trinkets

Get started…
1. Gather notes and small gifts from friends and family of the recipient of your Wall of Thoughtfulness.
2.  Stick the numbers on your envelopes, starting with 1 and ending with a special heart or star shape, or the recipient’s initials.
3.  Put the gifts and notes inside the envelopes, in the same way you would for an Advent Calendar.
4.  Hang the envelopes in an area the recipient will see everyday. Be secretive to make it a fun surprise!

This could also be a fun method of counting down the days to a fun event- say, a birthday party, vacation, or last day of school. Fill the envelopes with notes for your child, friend, husband, girlfriend, etc. about the ways you love them, the fun things you will be doing over the summer, or the cool places you will see on your trip.

Have any other great ways to use this Wall of Thoughtfulness? Tell me, please!

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