Baby Brother Bing's Birthday …….

He is my lawyer, my friend, my confidant and my baby brother ….even though he often thinks he is my BIG brother! Today is his day so I want to honor him by showing you a few projects that would make anyone feel special on their big day. How do you feature special people’s birthdays?

Found In Katie Brown Entertains

Face It



Supplies                                                Tools

Pictures of the guest                                     Scissors

of honor’s face


  1. Cut out the face you wish to use.
  2. Take the picture to a copy store and have them copy it onto laminate paper.
  3. Cut the laminate into a circle around the oval of the face, leaving about ½ an inch clear border.
  4. Adhere the images to the center of each glass.




Found in Katie Brown Entertains


Facial Pads



Supplies                                                Tools

Plain Mousepads

Various images of the guest

Of honor


  1. Select the part of the images you wish to have imprinted on the mouse pads.
  2. Cut them out.
  3. Bring them to the local copy store.
  4. Have them copied onto the top of the mouse pads.
  5. Use them as coasters on the table.
  6. Allow the guests to take them home as a momento.


Found in Katie Bnrown nEntertains



The Hot Seat



Supplies                           Tools

Wood numbers & letters                                                       Hot glue gun

Get Started

  1. Glue the name to the chair back.
  2. Lay out the year of the person’s birth.
  3. Glue the date to the chair back.


Found in Katie Brow Entertains

And whatever you do … NOT forget the CAKE.



Found in Katie brown Entertains