Simple Lampshade Project

There’s just something about a splash of yellow that puts a smile on my face. Seeing a unique yellow vase, a bouquet of bold yellow flowers, or a bright yellow mug just makes me instantly cheerful. This baby shower brunch (via Bump Smitten) exploits my love of yellow to the fullest!

This party has so many creative decor ideas. I especially love this wrapped lampshade. It’s a simple project that you can adapt to any room’s style. Make it for a party and keep it in your room all the time for a fun dash of color and style.

What you’ll need…

Wire lampshade frame
Various lengths of ribbon, yarn, or strips of fabric (amount will vary depending on the size of your lampshade, so make sure you have a few options on hand)
Hot glue gun

Get started…
1.  Start on the vertical lines of wire. Put a dab of hot glue at the joint between the straight vertical line of wire and the circular bottom. Stick the end of a piece of ribbon on the glue.
2.  Wrap the ribbon up the wire frame and secure with another dot of hot glue. Cut off the excess ribbon.
3.  Continue wrapping different ribbons and yarn until you have covered the vertical pieces of the frame.
4. Wrap the circular top and bottom of the frame using the same method. You should be able to cover up the ends of ribbon wrapped around the vertical pieces.
5.  Hang as you would for a lamp for a fun piece of party decor!

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