Flower Bussiness

One of my favorite ways to start my morning is at a flower martket. For shoots in LA or NYC or CT we often have to gather some goodies to set the tone for our layouts. Like much of my charmed occupation this I do not consider work, but a perk of my job. Often we are lucky enough to gather our pretties on a road side stand …..


LA Flower Mart


NYC Flower Mart


Road side stand


When those roadside beauties come home with us they are beyound and perhaps my favorite type.


The Pinks


The Reds


The Oranges


And the Sunflowers can really command.


Lucky as I feel, I often get lost in my daydreams about far away markets …..Take a look at some of the magic places where floral designers spend their morning across the globe.



Found on Your only Black Swan


Found on Sally cooks


Found on Christine Chintnis

Found on PapillonPois


Found on Chic Provence


Found on Bobarno



Found on Travel Pod


And you want to meet me here?

Can you imagine?