Simple Repackaging

Although my favorite things to give and receive are homemade gifts, sometime you find the perfect item for a special someone that you just have to buy. Repackaging a store bought gift can be just as thoughtful as making something by hand.

With a love note tucked inside, this Father’s Day semi-homemade gift (via Oh Happy Day) is special enough for the great dads in your life. While various root beer brands are grouped together here, you can customize the gift for any man’s palate: try colorful Jones Soda (you can customize the label with a personal photo!) or mix and match his favorite beers. Use the cardboard bottle carrier from the store and place it inside an inexpensive wooden CD crate (the one pictured above is from JoAnn Fabrics). How easy and thoughtful is that?

For an extra special touch, cut out a few necktie shapes from patterned paper and tie onto the bottles with a piece of twine. Write a little note on each tie to tell the dad how much you appreciate him…

Do you have a DIY Father’s Day gift planned for next Sunday? Tell me about it, please!

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