Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

A gift is that much more special when you wrap it up with a creative flourish– velvety ribbon, an old brooch, doilies, a cool bow…With the pretty and inspiring gift wrap ideas below, you could wrap up a cereal box and have it be the best gift under the tree!

Wrap your present in kraft paper, tie it up with velvet ribbon, and add a costume jewelry brooch. Photo by: Matthew Mead
Twist and wind color-changing string around a brown paper package.

Tie up your gift boxes in a new way! The pyramid bow is an easy breezy 3 steps. Photo by: Martha Stewart Weddings

Wrap coffee filters around small gift boxes with just the right amount of frill. Photo via: Pinterest

Doilies create a pretty backdrop for grosgrain ribbon, twine or a silky bow. Photo by: @Mondocherry

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  1. Lisha
    Lisha says:

    lol about wrapping up a cereal box and it being the best gift under the tree! Those are such cool wrapping ideas. I’m going to steal them if you don’t mind! 🙂

    I have to say I’m digging the burlap wrapping with cute ribbon type stuff lately 🙂


  2. Isabelle Alvare
    Isabelle Alvare says:

    Hi i love your show .I love to make things myself and you have put alot of good things to make.It also safe you money makeing your own.Thank you so much Ms Isabelle Alvarez


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