Simple Terrarium Projects

Well it’s almost the weekend…and that means it’s time for a weekend project idea! Back in February, I posted on succulents, and I think it’s worth expanding into a look at the many inspiring terrariums out there. The thing that’s so great about terrariums is that you can personalize them with whatever materials you want to use…succulents, moss, grass, little figurines, stones…the list goes on. And I think that’s really why I love them so much: the prospect of endless possibilities!

Tackle a quick and fun terrarium project this weekend and add a shot of green to your life’s landscape. Look at all the simple ways you can make it happen…click on the photos for links to how-to instructions.

Plant easy-to-grow grass in glass jars…fun!

Use the terrarium technique to get your seedlings started…

Learn how to make a hanging succulent terrarium…click the photo!

Recycle jars from around your house and get some bright green moss growing.

And for the serious crafter- a felted terrarium scene. Wow!

If you’re looking to do a project with kids, stick to the terrarium idea and fill it with kid-friendly aquarium rocks and little toys. Follow the link here for the tutorial…

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