Easter Kid’s Projects

Often at holiday time we need to divide up our friends and family into more than one table. Most of us divide these tables by age.

Okay, we will stop beating around the bush and just come out and say it…Holiday tables mean kid’s tables. We believe that this does not have to be a bad thing . We say make the kid’s table the fun table. How you ask? By filling it with great activities that will keep the little ones busy and buzzing.

Begin with egg place cards. These hold a secret message hiding in hollowed out eggs.

Message in an Egg. Spotted On: Poppytalk

Then, print photos of several finished craft projects and scatter them about the table and filling them with any necessary supplies to complete each project. Make sure the crafts are simple enough for little ones to do without much guidance and make sure you include some that will be appropriate for older children, too.

Handprint Easter Project. Spotted On: Crafts by Amanda

Tie Dye Coffee Filter Eggs. Spotted On: The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Coffee Can Easter Bunny. Spotted On: Easter Bunny Fun

Jelly Belly Bracelets. Spotted On: Blinghurst

Pipe Cleaner Flowers. Spotted On: Family Crafts

Paper Plate Egg. Spotted On: Happy Home Fairy

Jelly Belly Chicks. Spotted On: Happy Mothering

Now, since children often finish their meals before the grown ups, usher them into the kitchen. There you can set up a few quick and easy dessert projects for them to create and present to the grown ups as they finish their meal.

Peep Birdhouse. Spotted On: Marigold Road

Bird Nests. Spotted On: Bake at 350

Peep S’mores. Spotted On: Eclectic Recipes

Next, when it is time to take their goodies home have a small table of supplies set up to produce some festive bags for easy transport.

Easter Food To Go. Spotted On: Charlottes Fancy

Easter Goodie Bags. Spotted On: Splendid Willow

What projects do you bring back every year around Easter time? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or by commenting below!


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