Spring Fling: Bin and Tag Organization

It is here! Yes, Spring. And, also the kick off blog post to our Spring Cleaning and Organizing extravaganza. You may have seen some of the ideas, tips, and projects on our segment with LIVE! With Kelly and now we bring to you the how-tos with some added bonuses, too.

We are getting up close and personal with every room, every corner, and every nook and cranny. It’s the Katie Brown Spring Fling and you’re all invited. When we are done everything will have a special spot, a designated home and the in and outs of everyday life will run a little smoother.

The fling starts with bins and tags. Bins and tags are great for everything from toys, clothes, and even pantry items. They work great in mudrooms, toy rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

The bin and tag addiction is contagious, beware. But feeding this obsession is so very worth it!

Bins, Bins, and More Bins!

Are you ready because the Spring Fling is about to start?

What you’ll need…

  • Bins (large and small, wire mesh, and plastic)
  • Sleeve protectors with a hole for attaching labels
  • Hinged snap rings
  • Printable labels or markers to write on labels
  • Adhesive and/or magnet label protectors
  • Paper

Get started…

1. Decide what needs a home and collect all of each item to take inventory.

2. Print different size labels. One side with the word and the other with pictures, so kids of all ages know what goes where. Bonus: the labels are great learning tools for those learning to read!

Labels and More Labels

A. Magnetic Labels
B. Press On Adhesive Labels
C. Job Ticket Label Holders
D. Hinged Snap Rings (local hardware stores)
E. Self Laminating Labels


3. For the plastic bins use adhesive labels and for wire mesh bins use the hinged rings and attach the sleeve protectors.

Space Age Tote and Adhesive Label Protector from Uline

Uline Bin and Label Sleeves (Job Ticket Holders)

4. Label some bins according to each child and personalize them with photos.

Canvas Bins with Personalized Labels

Now for the flinging part! Start throwing everything into it’s new home. And, watch the magic of bin and tag organization work throughout your house. It’s a magic trick we can all believe in!

Wire Mesh Bin from the Container Store

Another bonus: labels can easily be swapped out as the seasons change or as your kids grow out of certain toys and games.

Stay tuned for the rest of the month of April and watch organizing and cleaning at it’s finest unfold!

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