One Day At a Time: Cleaning Chart

I do look forward to my hours of cleaning. I look forward to the bonding that I get to do with my home as I scrub her floors, rearrange her shelves, shine her windows, and fluff her pillows. However, if I do not attack this ritual with a system I find myself walking around in circles overwhelmed by the mass of jobs that stand in front of me. So, for today’s installment of the KBW Spring Fling…a chart…

Katie Brown’s Cleaning Chart

A chart I use weekly keeps me putting one foot in front of the other. Keep in mind this is a chart that works for me. It took time to get the right balance, but if you hang up the dust pan long enough to divide the work up into manageable bits you too might look forward to the process of feathering your nest.

Here are some other cleaning chart examples that will get your scheduling juices flowing.

Cleaning Chart Example 1

Cleaning Chart Example 2

Cleaning Chart Example 3

Cleaning Chart Example 4

Monthly Cleaning Chart

What are your cleaning secrets that keep you on top of it all? Tell me on Facebook, Twitter, or by commenting below! I would love to hear your ideas.

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