Made with Love

Wouldn’t it be nice to add that sentimental feel to your tree? Or perhaps give a personalized gift to a close friend or relative? Create a keepsake that is easy to make and will  adorn any tree. Heartwarming and delightful, these handmade ornaments will surely be hung for generations to come.

Click picture for “how to” information.

Colorful Paper Mache
Spotted on Blue Cricket Design

Nautical KnotSpotted on the Magic Onion

Sparkley Waxed Pinecone
Spotted on the Magic Onion

Christmas in a Sardine Can
Spotted on Design Memory

Yardstick with Scrabble Letters
Spotted on Mamie Jane’s

Felted Acorns
Spotted on the Felted Onions

Cinnamon Hearts
Spotted on Katy Elliot