Simple Valentine's Day with Meijer

This week, the Katie Brown Blog is all about Valentine’s Day! I understand that there are many Valentine’s Day dissidents out there (I used to be one!), but I’m asking you to embrace February 14 as a day for all kinds of love- not just the romantic variety.

Since marrying my wonderful husband and becoming a mother of two beautiful girls, I’ve decided to think of the holiday as more than a day for chocolates and roses (although those can be great, too!). To me, it’s yet another day to show how much you appreciate all the loved ones in your life.

I’ve pulled together some of the products from my line at Meijer that would add a little something special to a cozy Valentine’s Day with your family. Let candles create a soft homey glow, or curl up with your loved ones (pets included!) in a comfy red blanket for an evening movie. Celebrate simply and enjoy your loving company!

Click the links below the photo to order the items online at

(Clockwise from top left: Mercury Glass Centerpiece, Rib Knit Throw Blanket, Iron Taper Candleholder, Zigzag Embroidered Stripe Pillow, Surged Edge Decorative Pillow, Glass Carafe)

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