Campfire Dessert Recipes

Summer campfires don’t have to end with Labor Day. When it gets a little chilly, I love to end the day with a fall bonfire. I’ve discovered that s’mores aren’t the only things that are fun to make over an open flame. Wrap up these campfire desserts in foil and set in the coals to make a toasty treat with or without the kids!

Campfire cakes! Can also be campfire blueberry muffins with a change of batter. Photo by: Alice Carrier

Campfire Cones filled with all things heavenly: chocolate, marshmallows, peanut butter chips… Photo by: Jessica Bright

Grilled Campfire Banana with marshmallows, chocolate chips and peanut butter. Photo by: Beth R+V

Campfire Eclairs made with crescent rolls, chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Photo by: Julie’s Creations

Grilled peaches with butter and more berries on top? Yes, please! Photo by: Shorts and Longs & The Both

Do you have any great campfire recipes? I’d love to know about them, so fill me in here!

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