10 Fruit Salad with Greens Recipes

Or is it  10 Greens with Fruit Salad Recipes? You see when I think of a salad I think mixed greens. When I think of a fruit salad I think fruit medley. However more and more I am loving that I and it seems many people are thinking both together. Given that it is the season for both why not give it a go . Here are some recipes to inspire.


Red Cabbage, Apple and Grape Salad found on Food and Style


Nutty Apple Cherry Slaw Spotted on Midwestern Living


Grilled Peaches and Boston Lettuce Found on Midwestern Living


Arugula and Watermelon Found on Fine Cooking


Blood Oranges and Spinach


Strawberries and Shaved Sprouts Found on a Spicy Perspective


Grapefruit Arugula and Found on Jen Fit


Sorrel and Peaches Found on Bon Appetit


Spinach and Pomegranate Found on Give Recipe


Spinach and Grapes Spotted on Delish Dish