DIY Christmas Cards

Okay, so here is the thing, every single year there is a ” Best Christmas Card ” competition in our family. I know, I know it hardly seems in the spirt of the season to  turn it into a contest. However, we can not help it. My sisters are super creative and each year it gets tougher and tougher to be the champion. I am always searching for new creative ways to present a photo of my two girls and details for the cards. Take a look at what i have collected to inspire me this year. And please oh PLEASE give me any and all ideas you might have. I need all the help I can get.

Simple Christmas Icon over the top of family shot spotted on Hort


A Literal Family Tree Found on She Chive


Family Ladder Spotted on She Chive


Modern Day Family Time Spotted on She Chive


The Inside of an Envelope Spotted on Buzz Fed



Snowman Baby Card



Snow Blow Spotted


And here are some creative ways to create a card that is not a photograph.



Funny Card Spotted on Allie Ruth Design


Homemade Stamps Spotted on Lu Loves Homemade


Sewn Card Spotted on Family Chic


Ribbon Card Spotted on Media Cache


Google Eyes Spotted on Media Cache


Ribbon and Stick Card Spotted on Blog Spot


Snow Flake Card Spotted on Media Cache


Button Card Spotted on Hopeful Honey


Tree Card Spotted on Pinterest


Natural Cards