Nest Centerpiece Project

While the spring and summer really bring it in the flower department, fall and winter bring a natural beauty that is just as spectacular. I love to gather bits of this nature– no matter the season– and create a miniature world that can be viewed through glass. Everything’s prettier through a layer of glass and it really makes us take notice of the beauty around us, not to mention it gives a certain depth to any tabletop.

Not-So-Empty Nest


What you’ll need…
Floral foam
Spanish Moss
Glass Cloche

Get started…
1.  Wrap the grapevine into a ring about 6 inches in diameter.
2.  Place the floral foam in the center of the ring and cover it with moss.
3.  Arrange the flowers in the foam by poking through the moss and into the foam.
4.  Arrange rocks around the flowers and cover with the glass cloche.

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