Easy Breezy Beachy

This time of year there is no better backdrop for a party than the beach. However, even if you are miles from the shore you can take some of these ideas to capture the casual summery nature of a beach side fete for your next gathering.

String summery pom poms over a low table where beachy pillows act as chairs.

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Pin wheels and tulle make this celebration look breezy and light.

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Laterns, pillows and picnic blankets add to the laid back beach side theme.

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Flags take advantage of the wind and will add lightness to any gathering.

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Big banana plants on your table are an easy way to bring the beach to your back yard.

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Twinkle lights scattered about will recreate beach side light even when you set a table on your front porch.

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Nothing says water’s edge like a boat, so come on fill one up and use it as a self serve bar or hang it over your dinning table or just turn it into a seat.

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Flowy fabric can lighten any atmosphere.

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