Play Date Projects and Recipes

My toddler headed off to preschool this morning and I’m already missing her spunky cuteness around the house. She, of course, was totally fine leaving me! I’m hoping the new backpack and back-to-school dress had something to do with it…

In anticipation of new friends and future playdates, I’m saving some project ideas and sharing them with you here. Who says cook, nest and grow is only for adults?

GROW: Collect leaves and use paint to make prints. Beautiful, frame-able kids art! Photo by: Kristin from Kleas Typepad

NEST: No-mess marble painting with ZipLoc bags, paint and baby oil. Photo by: Valerie

COOK: Edible Play Dough Cookies. Photo by: Emily

Do you have a great toddler-friendly activity? What about a coping mechanism for the back-to-school mom blues? Share with me here!

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