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Want to make an impressive meal quickly and with whatever you have in your cupboards and fridge? Try one of many of chop-cook-and- serve hash recipes out there. A hash is any number of ingredients chopped up and cooked together, then served over eggs or gravy.

While corned beef hash is a staple following the celebratory Irish meals of corned beef and saurkraut, there are tons of ways to use leftover turkey, pork, chicken or veggies in your next-day hash. Even better: you can make this meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner…Just change up the ingredients to suit your needs.

Sweet potato, apple and pancetta hash with a fried egg- an autumn treat! Photo by: Jaclyn at FoodPlusWords

Yellow Flannel Hash: Leftover chicken, golden beets and sweet potatoes. Photo by: Sarah J. Gim

Sweet Corn Hash you can serve with scrambled eggs for a hearty breakfast. Photo by: Joy the Baker

Southwestern Hash with sweet poatoes, black beans, avocado and sour cream. Photo by: Olga from Mango&Tomato

Traditional Corned Beef Hash Recipe with onion, corned beef and potatoes. Photo by: Elise Bauer

What’s your favorite combo? I’m dying to try the sweet potato, apple and pancetta hash recipe this fall!

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  1. Robin Manis
    Robin Manis says:

    I would like the chicken cassarole recipe for the gravy & rotiisserie chicken in a crockpot
    I don’t know when you had the show on but it was before New Years 2012


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