Simple Easter Centerpieces

We’re nearing the time for dying eggs and eating chocolate bunnies! One of my goals this weekend is to get some of that Easter flair in my house and an easy way to do that is a springtime centerpiece with an Easter twist. Bring on the tulips and daffodils…

Looks like I’ll be taking a trip down the candy aisle for some Easter centerpiece inspiration!

Fill a glass vase with brightly colored jelly beans. Place your bouquet in a small vase filled with water and nestle in the candy.

Take a brown lunch bag and cut it so that it is 6 inches tall. Leave an inch-wide strip for a handle. Attach handle to the other side of the bag and fit a small vase filled with daffodils in the center.

Layer a vase with orange jelly beans and yellow Peeps. Fill the center with tulips for a fun spring display!

Use the leaves of the tulips to line the outside of a cylindrical vase. Wrap some twine or grey yarn arount the top of the jar and stick to white flowers for a subtle springtime look.

Hide peeps in wheat grass for a simple and quick Easter centerpiece!

Have you done any springtime decorating? What projects will you be working on this Saturday and Sunday? Let me know!

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