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You see a basketball…I see a centerpiece!

One of the best parts of my day is when I get to hear from you…whether it’s questions about where to find a project supply, suggestions for a new cook-nest-grow topic to cover, or feedback on a recipe that became a new family favorite. Seeing and responding to email, Facebook posts, tweets and snail mail lets me and my team at the Workshop know what’s important to you.

Recently, this little note arrived at the Workshop and got me thinking…

We all have our own passions and variety is the spice of life! To Ian, the basketballs and footballs we used in our sporty centerpiece were pieces of sporting equipment. But to the domestic diva, sports balls can be a base for simple and unique tabletop decor. Dribble it, pass it, or fill it with beautiful flowers…either way, using something for other than its intended purpose can be a great way to give it new life. And our project was something to enjoy year after year! I didn’t have an address to respond to Ian, so I thought I’d share my response here…

Dear Ian,

Thank you for your passionate note! It’s great that you followed up on what you believe in. It may be hard to see your favorite sports equipment cut into, but I hope you can see that we’re not wasting those footballs…we’re just using them in a different way! My hope is that anyone who makes the sporty centerpiece can bring it out for every year’s Super Bowl and after game gathering.

I appreciate your note and hope you’re having a great year at school and in your sporty endeavors!

All the best,
Katie Brown

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