Colorful Painted Pumpkins

There’s the classic orange pumpkin, the subtle and chic white pumpkin, and now I bring you…the painted pumpkin! Here are three projects that will take your pumpkin decor to new colorful heights.

1. Revamp those neon plastic candy buckets to make glossy Jack-O-Lantern planters in unexpected colors with a coat spray paint.

Painted Pumpkin Planters, Photo by: Jen @Pampers, Play Dates & Parties

2. Break out the paint and let kids have some serious fun. Drip acrylic paint in a rainbow of bright sparkly colors all over small pumpkins.

Pumpkin Drip Art Paintings, Photo by: Anna Ranson

3. Then, collect a handful of flat stones to turn into painted wonders. Use window paints that come in the bottle for a mess-free project. Then attach them to a painted wood board with some hot glue or ceramic adhesive so that you can display your kids’ artwork year after year.

Painted Pumpkin Rocks, Photo by: Candice Ashment

There’s a painted pumpkin project for every age group!

Want more pumpkin in your life? Bake it into your breakfast with one of these five delicious pumpkin-for-breakfast recipes.

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