Bring the Outdoors In

T183 IM 159-120

Found in Katie Brown’s  Weekends Book



While strolling through the woods on your nature walk, look up, look down, look left and right.  Take it all in…the trees, the flora, the branches, and the vines.  You notice the sun shining through the leaves and you wonder how you can package that beauty and live with it in your home.

Luminous Layers




8 11×14” sheets of 1/8” plexiglass

7 Leaves

Leather cord


  1. Lay one piece of plexi flat on the table, and place the first leaf in the center.   Repeat by laying the next piece of plexi down on top, and add the next leaf.  Continue until you have used all pieces of plexi.
  2. Place the stack of plexi glass on the edge of a table with about 2 inches hanging off the edge.  Wrap the cord around the stack of plexi tightly and tie a knot.  Do the same for the top edge of the frame.

Make it chic…Keep it simple by using one leaf per layer and slightly overlapping them through the placement on each layer.