Grilled Pizza Palooza

Okay -so….. the other night I went to a party at my good friends house Sarah E. and she was whipping up grilled pizza and it was FUN and Yummy. She had gotten the dough from a local pizza joint and was merely stretching, prepping and piling …..EAST! Right? But…..Believe it or not i had never done it! So when my other good friend Ali W. came over with her girls I copied …..We pulled We Piled ….We had FUN. However a few hints as you get inspired by the grouping of recipes we have gathered ……We found it best to Grill the dough a bit on one side …then add your toppings on the grilled side and place back on the heat …..note …if your grill has a shelve it is better if you place it there. Get busy and please write us and tell us all your tips as this is something i am going to do over and over agin until I really have it down …..Good Luck

YUM Fresh from the Farm Stand

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Who says you can not have Pizza for Breakfast?

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A whole Bundle of Goodies all Tossed on TOP

Found on the Sweet Life

Simple and Healthy

Found on Camille Styles

Pulled Pork and Cherries…now that is Creative!

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How about you use your Favorite Sandwich ingredients as a topping? This is a Ruben. Can you tell?

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No pizza joint open? No worries this is from a Pillsbury store bought roll out Crust!

Found on Crazy for Crusts