Give Well

Here’s my Halloween origin story…

Me, my cousin, Kassie Evashevski,my little sister, Marlee and my big sister, Lynn.

Me, my cousin, Kassie Evashevski,my little sister, Marlee and my big sister, Lynn.

Always have a gift that you yourself adore to give to those you love.

My sister Lynn and I have had a challenging and terrific relationship that has evolved, survived and flourished despite the best of sibling rivalry. From my point of view, she would often consider whatever I was doing or achieving as a direct insult to her with the exception of one holiday.

It was Halloween and this year I had daydreamed, plotted and researched the look of a gypsy. My mother took me to our local fabric store where I picked out the most fantastic paisley print for my look. My sister Lynn’s costume was going to be done by Grandmother Mom Brown.

On Halloween day, our grandmother presented Lynn with a store bought nurse’s costume.
I saw Lynne’s face fall with despair. There was nothing scary or dreamlike about a nurse’s costume. I could not bare her disappointment. I jumped to my feet and shouted, “I want to be the nurse! Lynn you be the gypsy.” She gleefully accepted and so I spent the holiday watching my sister Lynn march around in my coveted get up.

It was not an easy day, but in the long run, it is one of my favorites, for although I would like to think I have extended the gift of love towards my sister in many wonderful ways throughout the years, there is no disputing that this relatively painless gift will always warm her heart and fill her with understanding when she thinks of her younger and sometimes extremely annoying little sister… ME.

So always have a token, a gesture or a gift on the ready that means something to you because I guarantee if it is something you treasure it will move the person who is receiving it.