Simple Mother's Day Gift

A week from Sunday we will be celebrating that special woman in your life. What better way to show your love than with a homemade gift? Growing up, my mother made such a fuss over receiving the homemade gifts my siblings and I put together. The clay figurines, handmade cards and “Mother’s Day Coupon Books” (good for one hour weeding the garden!) were just as much fun to make as they were to give.

Bring out that creative impulse again with an easy, stylish homemade Mother’s Day gift. The Fabric Necklace requires only 3 materials- it’s the perfect Sunday afternoon project!

What you’ll need…
Craft wire, about 8 inches
5-10 wooden beads
Ribbons of various widths and patterns
Wire cutters

Getting Started…
1.  Create a “needle” using craft wire: bend wire in half and twist middle portion, leaving room for an eye at one end.
2.  Cut a piece of ribbon, roughly one foot long. Thread ribbon through eye of the wire needle.
3.  Stick the sharp end of the wire into your bead and push the bead through to the ribbon.
4.  Thread the ribbon through the hole of the bead several times, until your bead is covered with ribbon. Continue wrapping beads until you have enough for the length of necklace you prefer.
5.  Tie the ends of the ribbon sticking out from the beads to each other to complete your necklace.

Watch Katie and her friend Jess make the Fabric Necklace here!

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