Simple Nature Art Project

When all is in bloom, it’s my instinct to want to preserve the beauty, to bottle it up somehow and take it home to appreciate it even more. Now, don’t get me wrong: I am not condoning the picking of your neighbors’ flowers! But you can put a few bright green leaves and fronds on display in an artfully simple way.

Luminous Layers

What you’ll need…
8 11×14-inch sheets of 1/8-in-thick Plexiglas
7 leaves
Leather cord

Get started…
1.  Lay one piece of Plexiglas flat on the table, and place a leaf in the center. Repeat by laying a second piece of Plexiglas on top of the first and adding another leaf. Continue until you have used all 8 pieces of Plexiglas.
2.  Move the stack of Plexiglas to the edge of the table, with about 2 inches hanging off the edge. Cut a length of leather cord, wrap it tightly around the stack of Plexiglas several times, and tie a knot. Do the same for the other edge of the frame.

Hint: Keep it simple by using a single leaf per layer, varying the placement slightly so the leaves will overlap as you look through the Plexiglas.

So the next day that it’s nice out, venture on a nature walk and come back with the materials for an original piece of art that you can update with the seasons!

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