20 GREAT Memorial Day Party Tips

Okay ,I think it is no secret that I love a party. The party that starts the summer season is one of my favorites. So, in a perfect world, these are the top 20 things I would love to make happen at my weekend celebration.


1. Light the Way


2. Embrace the theme with decor.


3. Then spread that theme in various ways throughout the party.


4. Have something to pass around the minute the guests arrive.


5. Also have a sweet self serve station



6. Have a rain plan, that is fun and whimsical.


7.Do not forget to have something FUN for the kids to do


8. And something fun for the grown-ups too


9. Try and think of everything your guests could need


10. Think of an interesting way to serve your food .My vote ,individual picnic baskets.


11. When you serve your food add some drama …..balloons add height and whimsey


12. Never forget the flowers no matter how casual



13. Make your plates special


14. The food itself …keep it classic and simple, but with a creative twist.


15. As far as drinks go ……again classic with a twist and ease  is best


16. But, again, do not forget the kids.


17. Have fun with the dessert, but have it embrace the theme


18. If there is a guest of honor, make it easy for everyone to get in a shot with them.


19. Did I mention a basket full of props makes everyone loosen up for the keepsake shot?


20. As your guest depart, give them something yummy that hugs the party theme