The Summer Wonders of the Mason Jar

As the days become warmer and we spend more and more time outside we love to think of new ways to make our porches and backyards more summer-friendly. One classic summertime staple seems to have endless decorating possibilities: the Mason jar. The versatile Mason jar is a perfect container for anything and everything: flowers, herbs, home decor, and the list goes on. Here are some of our favorite ways to use the Mason jar in or around your home this summer with gorgeous seasonal flowers and herbs:

1. As a sitting or hanging vase.

Spotted on: Emmaline Bride. Photo by: MidwestFinds on Etsy.

Spotted on: The Event Firm.


2. As an earthy centerpiece.

Spotted on: Better Homes and Gardens.


3. As storage for herbs.

Spotted on: LJ World. Photo by: Katie Bean.


4. As a mini individual herb garden.

Spotted on: Not Just a Housewife.

Spotted on: Camille Styles.