Tea Party Play Date

The other day my little three year old Meredith said to me, “I want a play date with my teachers,” and I could think of no better people for us to spend the afternoon with than the three women I trust my daughter with every morning.  So a date has been set and Meredith and I have decided to craft a tea party fit for queens. Take at look at our inspirations below and stay tuned for photos of our very own play date tea party soon.

Sandwich and flower centerpiece. Spotted on: My Recipes.


Pretty sandwiches. Spotted on: Disney Junior.


Tea sandwich recipe ideas. Spotted on: Southern Living.


What a good idea to serve chocolate mousse in teacups or tiny glasses. Spotted on: Flickan and Kakorna


Fun! Pink marshmallow skewers. Spotted on: Cutest Food.


This vintage birdcage is filled with flowers and moss. Spotted on: Marabous.


Display treats in glass jars or on cake stands with glass domes. Spotted on: Rubyju.


Why not pot a plant in a teapot? Spotted on: Design Sponge.


A teacup and teapot wreath to hang for the occasion. Spotted on: Treasured Heirlooms.


Wish me luck!

Oh, and P.S…I am open to anyone out there who has hosted a trio of teachers before, because I must admit I am a tad intimidated!  Suggestions?