From Old to Renewed

Want to update that old dresser or media console but don’t want to spend a fortune? Follow these directions and your room is bound to take on a whole new look. Save money and do it yourself!! Get creative with a simple furniture update.

Before... Spotted on Made2Style

After... Spotted on Made2Style


Electric Hand sander

Paint brushes and roller


Paint color you wish to use



1.Remove the drawers and hardware from the dresser.

2. Use an electic hand sander on the dresser. Once the dresser has a rough feeling to it you can stop. Why? The priemer will stick better.

3. Wipe down all the dust from the sanding and begin to paint on the primer.

4. Once the primer is dried take whatever color you wish to paint your dresser and begin painting.

5. Once the paint is dry add another coat. 2 coats in total!

6. Finally rub on Polyurethane.

Try a new type of handle for your dresser. Check out the Katie Brown Collection at Cool Knobs and Pulls!

Katie Brown Collection At Cool Knobs and Pulls

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