Add a Little Wonder to Your Water

When you’re thirsty and on the go it’s tempting to grab a can of soda, or other bottled-sugary beverage, because it’s quick, easy, and you know it will taste delicious.  At the Workshop we’ve vowed to kick our soda habits, and now that summer has arrived we’re especially on the look-out for creative ways to get ourselves to drink more water.  Here are some of our favorite ideas that make us actually want to drink water over other, not-so-healthy options.

1. Add a Little Ice Pizzazz: If you have time on your hands, try filling your ice tray with small lemon slices, berries, or mint, and enjoy a refreshing twist that looks and tastes like it was made for summertime.

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2. Use a Pitcher: Store some water – with or without garnish or ice – in a pitcher so that it’s waiting for you (nice and cold!) when you open the fridge.

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3. Fruit Juice: Add a little splash of your favorite juice – like grapefruit, cranberry, orange, or limeade – to pump up the flavor without adding a ton of calories.

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