Rope Wreath Project

Pumpkin season is almost here and it’s time for an easy fall wreath for your front door. Now that my entryway is coming together with a freshly painted door, welcome mat and fall foliage, I can safely attract attention with a wreath. I’m pulling out one of my favorite autumn projects from the Katie Brown Workshop archives…the Rope Wreath.

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Rope Wreath Project

What you’ll need…
25 ft of Natural Rope
12 gauge copper wire
Fake Flowers
Wire Clippers

Get started…
1. Create a circle with the rope to your desired size. Remember that the shape of the circle you create will be the size of your wreath.
2. Create about 3 or 4 loose circles with the rope.
3. After you have a few loose circles, take the extra rope and tie a knot around the layers of loose rope.
4. Create a few more loose circles of rope.
5. Take the extra rope and create another knot. Now all of your rope should be secured! If you have extra rope, repeat steps 4 and 5.
6. To add structure to your wreath, take the copper wire and wrap it around the rope in a few different locations. To do this simply cut about 8 inches of copper wire, wrap it around the rope, twist the copper together and cut the extra wire with wire clippers.
Now it is time to create a bouquet to add some festive spice to the rope!
7. Pair a few feathers with fake flowers of your choice. Remember to consider height and color—incorporating different feather heights and adding a small pop of color will really brighten your wreath!
8. Once you have your bouquet arranged, use copper wire to secure the bouquet.
9. Simply put the bouquet through one of the knots you have tied and voila, you have a very unique fall wreath!

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  1. Rev. Scarlet Faith
    Rev. Scarlet Faith says:

    Yeah know its long but its free.
    Seeing how far I get building a businees on free.
    Love the Wreath.
    Will favorite it and share on my face book.
    Like how clean and easy to read your blog is.
    Hope you do mind if I take a few pointers. Love how you have the cam set up to record in your studio. reminds of my favorite DIY shows. Long gone now, Wha!!!!!
    Its all renovation & buy a house now.
    Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing.


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