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It’s the Monday after New Year’s, which means it’s one of the first days to enact those resolutions! However well-intentioned resolutions made on December 31st are, they can seem totally daunting the next day. At some time or another we have all vowed to “be healthier,” “get organized,” or “save money,” but those big ideas can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan of how to actually make  it happen.

We’ve all heard the stats on resolution flops and I’m sure we’ve all experienced a few failed resolutions, too…So this year, I resolved to make achievable (and relatively easily doable) resolutions!

I’m posting my list here, so you all must hold me accountable…

  • Drink more water.
  • Go to sleep a half hour earlier.
  • Join a book club!
  • Actually use my reusable bags at the grocery.
  • Keep my indoor plants alive and well.
  • Organize my drawer o’ recipes.
  • Learn to knit, already!

My list may not be completely life-altering, but I feel confident that I can turn some of these into good solid habits…Did you make 2011 resolutions? How are you carrying out your goals?

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  1. Carolyn Kennedy
    Carolyn Kennedy says:

    NYR for 2011
    -keep and folllow my housekeeping schedule/plan
    -nourshing foods diet- organics, farm grown/reared products, very little refined sugars
    – Surrender! Live life of more surrender to my God, my physical/ emotional limitations, my actual control over the uncontrollable. 🙂

    As for knitting, not that I figure you lack resources (people) to teach you, I love . They have lots of free videos, that’s right VIDEOS! 🙂 Because frankly, knitting instruction pictures don’t seem to help me- it’s like looking at a handful of spaghetti! 🙂 I go there often when I’ve taken a break for knitting and I just can’t seem to remember what goes where!

    • KBW
      KBW says:

      Thanks for the lovely thoughts, Carolyn! I just posted a knitting how-to video that’s starting me off in the right direction. Good luck keeping those NYR…


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