Simply Saying Thanks

Toward the top of my never-ending list of  “Important Lessons I Learned From My Mom,” is the notion that writing thank you notes is unquestionably necessary. As a kid, I dreaded the day following a birthday or holiday because I knew the minute I walked down the stairs in the morning I would be confronted with, “Did you write those thank you notes yet?” The thing is, after years of practice this formerly dreaded task has become a habit that I’m quite proud of having!

Sure it takes some time and energy, but a handwritten note shows you care about the gift-giver and appreciate the effort. Don’t psych yourself out- these notes can be short and to the point. But this is one place where making it personal is always better, so include a line or two about what the gift means in your life.

The recent season of gift-giving has definitely left me ample opportunity to follow through on this lesson in politeness, courtesy and genuine gratefulness. And cute stationary is about all it takes to get me motivated for the task…

Let the season of thank-you-note-writing commence!

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  1. Kathy Kuck
    Kathy Kuck says:

    Hi Katie,

    I just discovered your wonderful blog while on my lunch break at school. Happy New Year!

    (Kim’s mom)


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