A Picnic Pick-Me-Up

No one can argue with this statement: A good picnic makes for a good day.

Lovely picnic spread with fresh flowers, fruit, and baked goods. Spotted on: In a Scrap of Paper.


So toss up some of your favorite salads….

Chopped caprese salad. Spotted on: Savour Fare.


Spread out some of your favorite toppings…

Avocado and ham sandwich. Spotted on: The Daily Green.


Add a touch of whimsy for the kids…

Rainbow gelatin orange wedges. Spotted on: Quick Dish.


Throw in a classic…

Deviled eggs the whole family will eat. Spotted on: Salad in a Jar.


And pack a pinch of sugar for dessert….

Little peach cakes. Spotted on: Big Red Kitchen.


You and yours will walk away from your mid-day sit down with a smile from ear to ear.