5 Ideas to Steal That Will Make Your Living Room Feel Bigger Today

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Room Of the Day 

What Makes It Good:

The simple color scheme makes this small living room seem much larger than it is. The white walls that match the white marble tile of the fireplace and the white curtains all unite the room and provide a blank canvas that makes the room seem light and open and expansive. The splashes of color –which are only shades of grey –add a slight variation that give the room a depth and makes it feel even larger.

What I Love Most:

My Aunt Nan, who had some of the best taste I have ever come across, used to say, ‘always have something black in a room’. So I really dig the two black cabinets on either side of the fireplace. I think they ground the mainly white colors and give a strength to the room.

5 Ideas to Copy:

1. Place more that one mirror in your room. This will not only make the room feel larger, but it will allow the light to dance around the room.

2. Be disciplined when choosing your colors. Keep it all in one palate and it will unite your room and make it seem bigger.

3. Hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as you can.  This will make the walls feel taller and your ceiling higher.

4. Edit, edit, edit: keep your accessories simple and few. Please note they have put only two items on the coffee table and one thing on the mantel. These light touches will, again, make the room feel BIG.

5. Repeat patterns. Note the pattern on the pillow mirrors the pattern on the black cabinets. Also the natural woven texture of the rug matches the texture of the stools. This repetition unites the room and allows it to breath and feel larger.

Steel the Look: 

Big airy light fixture

Rattan rug

Basket stools

Geometric pattern throw pillows

Curtains with bold borders

Big Mirror

Matching couches

Simple coffee table

Matching mirrored cabinets