5 Great Ideas to Add to Your Kitchen NOW

Room of the Day

Exceptional Kitchen spotted on My Domaine


What makes it good: 

The eclectic mix of materials.

For example, the wooden shelves against the white brick, the bright and brassy hardware against the cast iron shelf holders, the matte finish on the cabinets along side the shiny black of the oven and hood, the speckled dark floor and the marble countertops. We can count at least 8 types of material at first glance. This mixture creates a welcoming, lived-in, comfortable place to begin the creative work of cooking.

What I love the most:

Everything out in the open.

I really like having all my small appliances, utensils and my most used spices and ingredients out where I can see them. That way, they inspire me, and I find I use them more which adds more layers and depth to my flavors. I remember to chop more finely, sprinkle in a splash of this and that, and stir with vigor.

5 Ideas to Copy:

1. Mix up your textures. Pair wood with stainless steel, brass, or tile.

2. Switch out your ordinary hardware with something more dressy –like the brass on these cabinets.

3. Have all your utensils on the ready. Place your knives on a magnetic holder and your wooden spoons in a big ceramic pot.

4. Spend a little extra on your small appliances and show them off on your countertop.

5. Buy black major appliances as opposed to stainless steel.

Steal the Look:

Brass hardware

Wooden shelves

Toaster ovens

Cappuccino maker

Knife with metal holder

Canisters for your goodies

Blue paint