Rose Centerpiece

As we all know, I love to entertain. It’s even more fun for me when I can throw a special, personalized party for a friend or a family member. That’s why I am super excited to host an engagement party this weekend for my two friends who are tying the knot!

I’m going for a grown-up and romantic dinner party vibe, focused on the couple and their love. No flower expresses love better than the beautiful rose, so I will be decorating the tables with a Row of Roses.

Try this easy project for wedding tables, Easter brunches, springtime luncheons or even a romantic dinner-for-two.

Row of Roses

What you’ll need…
Flowers, approximately 18
Sheet moss
Floral water picks, 2 inches long
Greening pins
5 pieces of Oasis

Get started…
1.  Create a table runner by attaching sheet moss to dry bricks of floral foam using greening pins.
2.  Press floral picks into the oasis ever few inches.
3.  Cut your flower stems to the height of the floral pick. Make it short, make it long…it’s completely up to you!
3.  Your flowers will live for days in your runner if you give them a little water to drink.

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