Sounds of the Sea

Bring the sounds of sea home with you by creating this simple project. This unique idea is great for indoors and out! With only a few steps you can always feel like the sea is right at home with you! This fountain is bound to make you feel at peace and relaxed especially after a long day. So, get started and make this simple tranquil touch of outdoor bliss.

Under the sea


Flexible banboo fencing

Wooden Planter

U-shaped nails

Heavy-duty pond liner

Fountain pump

Heavy rock

Thick bamboo pole, cut

4 thin bamboo rods


Wire cutters


Staple gun

Get started

1. Wrap flexible bamboo fencing around a wooden planter, attaching it with U-shaped nails.

2. Waterproof the inside of the planter with a pond liner. Fill with water and place a fountain pump in the bottom (a heavy rock is great for keeping it in place).

3. Cover the fountain spigot with a piece of wider bamboo, and crisscross thin bamboo stalks across the edges of the fountain for added decoration. Bamboo is simple to cut, especially with a razor saw.

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